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How to Take Calculated Risks


In 7th grade, I remember asking my favorite teacher, "What should I do now?" He responded, “Follow your heart, it won't let you down."

Those words still resonate with me now, years later, and it’s a piece of advice I constantly apply to my professional life. Even though I’ve taken some leaps of faith and made some mistakes along the way, I cherish them because I’ve always done what I believe in, I’ve always followed my heart.

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How to Determine & Emphasize Your Transferable Skills

Every job, class project or volunteer work assignment teaches us something. While the position itself might not be something that you’d like to emphasize on your resume or in your work history (such as that stint you worked in fast food), it can still be a valuable experience in terms of transferable skills you gained at the opportunity.

Transferable skills are the skills you’ve gathered through previous experience (jobs, hobbies, volunteer work, etc.) that can be used in your next job or new career.

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How to Create a Vision Directed Career

For most people when they embark on their first careers they have a sense of what they want to do or who they want to become. But often as time goes on, we begin to lose sight of things. As we grow and evolve as individuals, our ideas of what we want from life and career may change. Also we get so caught up in managing our careers, navigating through the ups and downs, that it is easy to lose sight of that vision.

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