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A Day in the Life of a: VP of Marketing

How did you get to where you’re at in your career?

I feel lucky to be in the point of my career that I am. A lot of it was predicated on relationship building and gaining the trust of peers and managers along the way. I have been working in marketing for over 15 years, with 11 of those being in the industry of staffing. Over time, you build up a level of expertise and strong relationships that as they progress…you progress. I also feel I was lucky to have people around me that I could learn and grow from. I have always been fortunate enough to have leadership that inspired me every day and challenged me to take risks and not be afraid to make mistakes. When one’s professional career is cultivated in an atmosphere like that, you are bound to advance as a professional. Lastly, I think there was a little good old fashioned luck involved—being in the right place at the right time. Once I was there, I made the decision to stay with my employer when others might have job/employer hopped a bit. Longevity does play out to benefit an individual over time and opportunity is bound to open up when you get to truly know your employer.

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