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How to Land Your First Job

For many fresh college graduates finding employment in today’s times is a difficult feat. With the unemployment rate hovering around 9.0%, companies have their pick when it comes to hiring people and that has certainly made things even harder for those who have yet to gain any job experience.

If you are reading this article, I suspect you have already tried the traditional ways of looking for a job, such as networking, career centers, job boards and haven’t had much luck. You’re looking for more ideas. What I am going to share with you is not only some creative tips, but also an approach that you can take in order to create a long lasting rewarding career, not just land another job:

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Rules of Communication For Today’s Tech-Savvy World

With so many communication choices in today’s tech-savvy environment, interaction now comes with rules of engagement that mirror our high-speed surroundings.

But what’s the communication playbook in a world of email, voicemail and text messaging?

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