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When and How To Follow Your Career Aspirations

Sometimes, the best and worst advice can be “follow your dreams.” But, there is nothing more fulfilling than building up the courage to follow your career aspirations. With proper planning and time, you can be the success story behind this simple piece of advice.

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How to Land Your First Job

For many fresh college graduates finding employment in today’s times is a difficult feat. With the unemployment rate hovering around 9.0%, companies have their pick when it comes to hiring people and that has certainly made things even harder for those who have yet to gain any job experience.

If you are reading this article, I suspect you have already tried the traditional ways of looking for a job, such as networking, career centers, job boards and haven’t had much luck. You’re looking for more ideas. What I am going to share with you is not only some creative tips, but also an approach that you can take in order to create a long lasting rewarding career, not just land another job:

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Arrogance: the Dark Side of Confidence

In your work, confidence is important. If you are a leader, confidence will help your team feel assured that the direction you are taking them is the correct one. As well, they will trust your judgment if you express a need to take a different path. Without confidence, you won’t be a leader because you won’t have anyone who will agree to follow you.

Even if you are “just” part of the team, you want to project confidence. After all, if you aren’t certain about the work you are doing or an idea you have, how do you expect others to be confident in your contributions?  The concern with confidence, however, is when you hit the tipping point – when you go from confidence into the darkness of arrogance.

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