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forget perfect


My gift to myself this year is to read this book again. This book, Forget Perfect, was a lifesaver for me 10 years ago at a time when I was figuring out how to balance a growing family, aging parents and a husband’s equally challenging work/travel schedule with climbing my way up the corporate ladder

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The Power of Networking

Imagine a business luncheon, with men and women professionals mingling about.

One woman is at the table chatting with a hiring director about their shared love of traveling; another man is in the corner talking with the president of an IT company about his skill set and experience.

Both of these professionals are looking for new jobs, but which method of networking is more efficient?

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How to Take Calculated Risks


In 7th grade, I remember asking my favorite teacher, "What should I do now?" He responded, “Follow your heart, it won't let you down."

Those words still resonate with me now, years later, and it’s a piece of advice I constantly apply to my professional life. Even though I’ve taken some leaps of faith and made some mistakes along the way, I cherish them because I’ve always done what I believe in, I’ve always followed my heart.

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How to Determine & Emphasize Your Transferable Skills

Every job, class project or volunteer work assignment teaches us something. While the position itself might not be something that you’d like to emphasize on your resume or in your work history (such as that stint you worked in fast food), it can still be a valuable experience in terms of transferable skills you gained at the opportunity.

Transferable skills are the skills you’ve gathered through previous experience (jobs, hobbies, volunteer work, etc.) that can be used in your next job or new career.

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Disconnecting after Work: Pulling the Plug

Nowadays, everything is so ON! At work, people can connect with us via phone (landline and cell), fax, email, text, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Skype… The list is endless!

And when we do get home with the work cell and laptop in tow, we have to fight the urge to do a “quick” check-in while eating dinner or giving the little ones their baths.

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How to Find Your Career Passion

Remember taking those career assessment tests in high school? Although they can tell you where your strengths lie, they don’t necessarily tell you what you’re passionate about. Passion is something that comes from inside you—and, if your interests or skills don’t clearly align with a career path, it can be difficult to put your finger on what you want to do.

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How Do We Solve the STEM Gender Gap?


In an effort to find some inspiration, I found this story about a Massachusetts mom who shared her frustrations about signing up her daughter for summer camp in a Boston Globe article.

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Recap: Women Powering Business 2014 Panel Events

Randstad's third annual Women Powering Business Panel series was once again a huge success as business leaders gathered in Chicago and Minneapolis for thought-provoking discussions regarding gender diversity in the workplace. Through our panel events, we continued our goal of providing women workers with greater access to information, networks, mentors and champions, as well as key insights on issues and topics impacting women in business.

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Join the Conversation in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Randstad’s Women Powering Business Panel Series is our way to bring together business leaders in key markets throughout the United States, to connect with women at all stages of their careers, by providing networking opportunities and thoughtful discussion of the issues around gender diversity in the American workplace.

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The "Not Sorry" Campaign: Randstad Women Leaders Weigh In

Is it time for women to stop apologizing so much?

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