It’s Okay to Not Want to Be the Boss


Everybody wants to be the boss, right? Wrong. An executive’s role is not right for everyone, and guess what? That’s okay.

If “boss” isn’t in your desired career path, don’t fret — a boss’ life is not always an easy one. Here are some downsides to being “the boss”:

You may need to be the bad guy

Making unpopular decisions, giving critical feedback, telling people no, and even firingpeople is all part of the job when you’re the boss. This “boss” role requires a certain personality type, one that allows you to make and enforce tough decisions and deal with negative repercussions.

You may get the blame

When something — anything — goes wrong, whether it’s your fault or not, you will get the blame as a boss. Launching a bum product, making a poor decision, hiring the wrong person, etc. Even if a majority of the work or ideas came from employees, at the end of the day, only the boss is accountable for actions made on behalf of the company.

You’re always in the spotlight

Whether you like it or not, as a boss, you are a quasi-celebrity in the workplace. You may be a subject of gossip or ridicule, especially during times when you need to play the “bad guy,” as mentioned above. Even when feelings are positive in the workplace, the limelight is not for everyone — it can be distracting and quite frankly, it can get old.

This is not to say that being an executive doesn’t have it’s perks or that it’s a horrible place to be in your career, but simply pointing out that the role of “boss” is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Find out what is your cup of tea when it comes to your career, and go for it! Your career path is unique to you, and only you can pursue it — whether or not it ends in an executive corner office.

What do you want to be instead of the boss? What’s your ultimate career goal?

By: Heather Huhman / On: June 13, 2012 /

In: Leadership, Career Advice, Career Tips