How to Land a Real Work from Home Gig


Do you dream of being able to work from home? Do you wish some days you could roll out of bed and immediately start accomplishing your tasks for the day, without having to make the dreaded commute to the office?

More and more companies are implementing flexible work options into their workplaces because of the demand for it. Working virtually, telecommuting or creating a flexible schedule is important to a lot of career professionals – in fact, 51 percent of working adults (18-44) plan to look for a new job within the next three years with an employer that offers these options, a survey by MomCorps revealed.

How do you land a legitimate job opportunity in order to take advantage of this growing trend? Here are a few ways:

Negotiate flex options into your current job. Just because your employer doesn’t offer any flex work options upfront doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to consider it. Perhaps you can suggest telecommuting one day per week to see how it goes, and if you’re successful, discuss more days working from home in the future. As long as your productivity doesn’t decrease on the days you work virtually, there’s no reason why an employer should shoot down the idea.

Find a virtual job. A lot of startups and small businesses opt to have employees work from home. It saves on office and technology costs, and allows them to hire folks from anywhere in the country. Head to virtual or freelance job sites to find opportunities. (Freelance Switch is a good one if you’re interested in freelance opps.)

Start your own business. It’s easier than ever to start a business today, and without a huge initial investment. You can publicize your products or services on a personal website or social media, or build a storefront based on what you offer. (For example, Etsy is a great place to sell handmade items and crafts.) As long as you have a computer and reliable Internet connection, you can work for yourself from home. The rest is up to you!

Sure, not every job can be done from home. However, a lot of workers find they’re just as productive (or more productive) when telecommuting or working virtually.

What do you think? Do you hope to be able to work from home? Or do you prefer an office setting?