How to Handle Multiple Job Offers with Grace


While receiving multiple job offers may seem like the opposite of a problem, especially to those individuals who have yet to receive one job offer, it can actually be a big dilemma when people don’t know how to handle the situation.

The last thing you want to do as a possible employee is burn bridges because not only is it unprofessional, but also it could hurt your chances with other companies in the future. It may sound cliché, but people do talk and you don’t want your reputation to be stained.

So how do you deal with receiving multiple job offers? Here are a few ways:

 Figure out your ideal job

It is important for you as a job seeker to know what you’re looking for in a company or position. This means what salary range you’re interested in, if there are benefits or bonuses, what industry it’s in, location, travel requirements, and anything else you believe is necessary. Be sure to write all of these qualities you want down, so if you are ever in a job offer dilemma you can figure out the pros and cons of each position based on your ideal job.

Be honest

It might seem like a good idea to keep quiet about interviewing with other companies, but in reality it’s not. Almost all smart businesses will ask you what your interviewing activity has been like for the past six months or so. Therefore, it is important to remain honest with your potential employers because you don’t want to leave a bad impression. You never know when you might need their help in the future.

Ask for more time

After receiving a job offer, you are allowed to ask for time to come to a verdict. You can ask for a couple days or even a week, but just know, the more time you request, the more their chances of bringing someone else on if you decide not to take the position are diminished. Be sure to keep that in mind while making your decision, and be courteous to not only the company but to the other applicants, as well.

Think it through

The most crucial thing about taking the time to decipher whether or not you want to accept the job offer is that you actually think it through. Don’t take a position just for backup or financial security. The hiring process can be pricey for employers, and so can losing an employee. You want to be 100 percent sure before you accept a job offer because quitting soon after may have many negative consequences for everyone involved.

Sure, receiving multiple job offers can be a tad overwhelming, but if you take these steps into consideration, everything will work itself out. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe.

Has this ever happened to you before? How did you handle the situation?