Four T.I.P.S. To Becoming a Successful Woman


Want to know the secrets behind some of today’s most successful women? The Huffington Post recently uncovered 8 Success Secrets From Female Leaders and found these surprising answers:

  • Oprah Winfrey – Meditation
  • Xerox CEO Ursula Burns – A supportive husband
  • Arianna Huffington – Failure
  • Cosmopolitan Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles – Restful Weekends

To add to this list, Randstad is providing four more success secrets from some of today’s female superstars. Keep these useful “T.I.P.S.” in mind as you navigate the workplace!

T is for Trailblazer

Why it’s an important trait: One of the biggest signs of leadership is charting your own course. Bring big ideas to the table, execute projects that matter, believe in your convictions and know how to effectively sell your thoughts. Successful women stand out from the rest and truly make their marks in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Take smart risks and in the end you’ll reap the benefits.


Real-life example: Once known as the most powerful woman in the NFL, Amy Trask became the first and only female chief executive in the league’s history when she took the helm of the Oakland Raiders in 1997. Trask spent 25 seasons with the franchise before resigning this year. She is seen as a trailblazer among female executives and is one of the highest-ranking women to have worked in professional sports. An avid football lover, Amy Trask didn’t let stereotypes stand in the way of getting on the field. She said: “I perceive myself as a football person who, because of gender or size, finds myself making my contribution in the business side of things. Football was what I wanted to do, business was my way of making it happen.”

I is For Instinctive

Why it’s an important trait: There’s nothing like a woman’s instinct, and it can serve as a useful tool in the workplace. When faced with a decision on the job, relying on your instincts means drawing from your experience, insight and knowledge. Putting your instincts to best use requires combining your gut feelings with reason. While analyzing situations, make sure to trust – and listen to – your inner voice.


Real-life example: Oprah Winfrey regularly dispenses wisdom she’s gained along her legendary rise to media mogul and self-made billionaire. She often talks about relying on instinct and how it can not only help you make decisions, but is also a great stress detector and danger signal. One of her famous quotes communicates this sentiment: “Follow your instinct. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.”

P is for Plugged-In

Why it’s an important trait: Behind every successful woman is a solid network, including mentors, sponsors and like-minded colleagues. Having people that support you professionally is essential on the road to success. So don’t be an island in the workplace – get plugged-in to the right people and your career will benefit from getting (and giving) advice, support and feedback.


Real-life example: Kathryn Minshew, 27, is the CEO and co-founder of The Muse, a career-development platform. A Duke University graduate, she landed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media list in 2011 and 2012. Here’s what Minshew said about being plugged-in: “For almost the first year of The Muse’s life, I would do five to eight networking events a week. And I don’t necessarily think that’s the right path for everyone, but I realized that as an entrepreneur, one of my strengths was finding the right people who could help us.”

S is for Self-Aware

Why it’s an important trait: In order to be successful, you must first master the most important relationship in life – and that’s the one you have with yourself. Being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses is crucial to becoming an effective leader. When it comes to navigating the workplace, women leaders oftentimes switch from assertive to personable, depending on the circumstances. When you’re in tune with your actions and their effects on other people and can judge situations appropriately, you appear as calm, controlled and in charge – all signs of successful woman.


Real life example: Diane von Fürstenberg, the Belgian-born fashion designer best known for her iconic wrap dress, launched her global luxury brand in 1970. She shared her own journey on becoming self-aware in this quote: “That process of growth, of being an independent person, of learning who you are and what you want from life, is the real secret of life, happiness and beauty.”