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How to become an authentic leader

Navigating office relationships can be tricky, particularly for those in leadership positions. From strictly professional to more personal, how leaders interact with their employees, can set the tone for the entire office. Therefore, striking the right balance is critical to achieving a cohesive and trusting workplace.

According to Randstad’s most recent gender engagement study, 84 percent of women agree that their relationship with their direct supervisor has a big impact on how happy they are with their job. While oversharing can diminish one’s authority, not sharing enough can make managers seem disinterested and closed-off.

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How to Promote Yourself Without Looking Self-Promotional

I think that in some circumstances what you don’t say is more important than what you actually do say.

Sometimes your actions speak louder than any words that come from your mouth. Self-promotion is a tricky proposition. You don’t want come across looking overly overconfident or even worse arrogant, but you don’t want your talents to go unnoticed either. So how do you promote yourself without looking self-promotional?

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Success and Likeability: Can Women Workers Have Both?

As women move up the career ladder, are they less liked by their coworkers?

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HOW TO: Maintain a Sense of Calm During Chaos

We live in a world where everything is moving so fast, things are constantly changing, and many of us are in “high gear” from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we literally pass out from sheer exhaustion at night.

How can you adapt and deal with things around you, which in many cases are totally out of your control? How do you keep things in perspective when it feels like everything around you is moving at the speed of light? How do you maintain a sense of calm during chaos?

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How and When to Ask for a Promotion


Many people think that they deserve a promotion because they work extremely long hours, they are dedicated workers who can be counted on, and they’ve taken on additional responsibilities which have increased their workloads. They are the ultimate team players who somehow still manage to do their “own job” exceptionally well along with everything else they’ve been asked to do. These are all very important attributes, but in today’s economy where many organizations are doing more with less, isn’t everyone working long hours? Do you know of anyone who hasn’t had to take on additional duties or responsibilities? Aren’t most people willing to chip in and help their team members while still meeting or exceeding in their own job? If that’s the case then how do you ask for the promotion that you feel you so richly deserve?

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