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Private Practice vs. Health System Employee: What Are the Benefits?

Posted by Deanna Jacobsen on Apr 14, 2015 1:18:00 PM

According to statistics provided by Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), increasing numbers of providers are transitioning to hospital employment vs. running their own private practice. In fact, MGMA reports that since 2000, the number of active doctors employed by hospitals has increased by 75 percent.


Practitioners transition to a hospital setting for many reasons, but some of the most compelling reasons center on access to financial backing and administrative relief, plus the ability to work with a vast network of physicians.  


Financial backing

When you work for a financially sound health system, you can rely on getting paid and receiving a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. Even if production is a factor of your total salary, you can still count on a consistent income.


Administrative relief

As an employee, you relieve yourself from the daily or monthly responsibilities of running a practice. For example, renting space is no longer an issue; in fact most health systems will place incoming physicians into an existing practice unless the organization is opening at a new location. Also, in a hospital setting the woes of hiring and firing administrative staff are no longer on your plate. And we can’t forget the biggest administrative headache of them all: billing! Health systems have staff in place to handle these responsibilities.

Physician network

Most physicians find that working in a practice with multiple providers along with having immediate access to a referral network are huge benefits to their careers. Another perk is that if you need to take time off, other providers can cover for you. A specific advantage for new graduates is that stepping into a mature group practice provides daily learning opportunities. With that said, most large health systems run residency programs within their hospitals, which gives tenured physicians the chance to teach residents and obtain leadership skills.

Opportunities with Randstad Healthcare

Randstad Healthcare offers access to all of these benefits through both permanent and locum tenens assignments with one of New England’s largest provider networks. We currently have multiple openings in a variety of specialties that allow physicians to join a mature practice, have an opportunity to teach residents and enjoy the financial and administrative support of an established healthcare organization. With our opportunities you will find world-renowned family medicine residency programs, the region’s top OB/GYN program, and emergency medicine and internal medicine residency programs, not to mention fellowship programs in hyperbaric medicine and gastroenterology.  


Contact Randstad Healthcare today to learn how we can help you make the move from private practice to one of the top academic health systems in New England. 

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