Valentine’s day: not just for lovers (part 3 of 3)

I’m not a patriarch of passion but I do believe in spreading the love whenever possible, especially in the workplace.

In reference to celebrating Valentine’s Day at work, business leadership speaker and author of “Master Your World: 10 Dog-Inspired Leadership Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits and Communication,” Mary C. Kelly said in a recent article that “Study after study shows that recognition for doing something well at work, not money, is the top motivator of employee performance.”

So an important take-away to remember this Valentine’s Day is that, “While retailers are exhibiting all kinds of ideas to show appreciation for romantic relationships, chances are you spend more awake time with the people you work with than your sweetie,” says Kelly.

Make people feel loved… in a different way

Instead of making Valentine’s Day all about love, try making it about appreciation. Give out handmade valentines that say “Thank you for always doing a great job!” You can still have it include a ridiculous animal of some kind – for some reason I’m envisioning a cute chick (a baby chicken, you sickos) whose legs can’t touch the ground sitting at a computer desk typing feverishly away.
And, instead of chocolates and real flowers, why not give your coworkers Valentine’s Day-themed office supplies instead? And, if you’re creative enough, make some flowers out of construction paper and hand them out with colorful packs of post-it notes. (I’m not, so I’d probably print out a rose I could color, and write something on the back side of the print out.) It just shows that you thought of them – and there are a ton of good gift ideas out there to give to a coworker on Valentine’s Day.

If we got it right in grade school, we can get it right now

Let’s not forget that not everybody loves Valentine’s Day, let alone likes it. But I don’t think that means scratching the 14th off of the calendars completely – in fact, if done correctly, a workplace Valentine’s Day tradition might make the day a little better for those who don’t have someone at home to celebrate it with.

So while you won’t see Cupid’s name on the office org chart, that’s not to say he can’t or shouldn’t swing by for a V-day visit. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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