Valentine’s day infographic: I think I love… my boss? (part 2 of 3)

Ok, so you’re in love with a coworker. Now what?

Well, hopefully that person is not your superior and hopefully that person is not already married – but that’s not always the case. In CareerBuilder’s annual Valentine’s Day survey, results show that a whopping 38 percent of workers said that they’ve dated a coworker at least once over the course of their career. And while the majority of those relationships were between people of comparable job levels, 28 percent dated a coworker above them in the company hierarchy, and nearly 18 percent admitted to dating their boss.

But, not all office romances are affairs and not all of them have to be detrimental to your career. There are some guidelines to follow, which I advise taking a peak at if you are dabbling in the dating scene at work. But more importantly it’s about setting expectations and being honest with yourself.

Here we’ve created an educational infographic which we hope will help guide you through workplace romances, realistic timelines, and what to expect when, I mean if, things go sour. I’m not going to say you’re playing with fire, but you have been warned.


By: BusinessandWorkplace / On: February 13, 2013 /

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