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The Widening Skills Gap

The Widening Skills Gap

The skills gap continues to cost companies countless amounts of dollars—not only when the wrong talent is on-boarded but also when no talent is on-boarded.

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Getting the Most Out of Tech Speed Interviews

Speed Interviews: Not Just for Dating Anymore

We live in a fast-paced, high-touch point world. We are now accessible on various devices at all times of the day. With that, there’s an inherent need for speed—in everything we do.
Speed interviews, which have most recently become popular as an effective recruiting tactic for technology professionals, typically result in the same high quality hires but take much less time than the traditional interviewing lifecycle. The technique has proven effective in hiring for a wide variety of positions including project managers, business analysts, developers and the like.

The Players, Who’s Involved

Successfully conducting speed interviews primarily involves three people on the interviewer side, and then of course the candidates themselves:

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Japanese Embassy Exchange: Indulging in the American Way of Life

Japanese-American Exchange Program Heralds Great Knowledge-Sharing

Recently, Randstad USA hosted an internal International Exchange Program with its Japanese colleagues. The experience, which incorporated tactical learning, office visits and shadowing, also included a visit to a local Walmart, per request, and a trip to a Texas steakhouse.

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Three quotes from football greats to advance your career

Brilliant Career Quotes from Football Legends

As you heat up the grill and watch your favorite football teams take on the gridiron, don’t forget to use wisdom from the sport to advance your career, too.


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How Can Companies Attract Top Female Talent?

What do top female job candidates want when searching for a job?

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How to Manage Tech-Savvy Millennials

The Millennial generation is taking the workforce by storm.

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Recruiting Nostalgia

Think the recruiting industry is tough in 2013 ?

… just imagine a world 20 years ago.


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Recruiters' Favorite Interview Questions

Recruiters Favorite Interview Questions

Recruiters all have their favorite interview questions ranging from the technical to fantastical. As a marketer, mine are inclined towards the latter. One of the most interesting parts of recruiting is learning each others' methods and at times quirks. This brought us to this survey to enlighten our audience and spur conversation over our favorite interview questions as recruiters.

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