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Impact the Manufacturing Skills Gap with Onsite Talent Management

When describing the skills gap, manufacturing and logistics professionals point to a range of issues that sit as far apart as a lack of hands-on ability with industry-specific tools and technologies to very basic considerations such as adherence to safety policies, productive work ethic or even day-to-day job attendance.

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Three quotes from football greats to advance your career

Brilliant Career Quotes from Football Legends

As you heat up the grill and watch your favorite football teams take on the gridiron, don’t forget to use wisdom from the sport to advance your career, too.


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Working Women Everywhere

Strong Female Leaders

You don’t have to be a full-fledged feminist to believe that women make great leaders—just like men do. But qualities are not synergistic with the sexes; leadership style is atypical and cannot solely be attributed to gender. There can be dominant, aggressive, strong female leaders just like there can be male leaders who are more emotional, sensitive, and passive.

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Have you recently been promoted to manager?

By: Jennifer King

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