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The Widening Skills Gap

The Widening Skills Gap

The skills gap continues to cost companies countless amounts of dollars—not only when the wrong talent is on-boarded but also when no talent is on-boarded.

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Three quotes from football greats to advance your career

Brilliant Career Quotes from Football Legends

As you heat up the grill and watch your favorite football teams take on the gridiron, don’t forget to use wisdom from the sport to advance your career, too.


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How to Get a job with no Experience

How to Get a Job with no Experience

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize growth when you're stuck doing uninspiring tasks in a dead end job. But take a closer look, and you may be surprised by how everyday duties have helped build your career skills and work experience despite their nature.

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A Generation X reaction to that Millennial Resignation

Generation X reacts to Marina Shifrin's Pinnacle Millennial Resignation

I very much enjoyed the recent Business and Workplace post about Marina Shifrin, a fearless millennial, dancing her way out the door of her office (forever). But as I read the post and watched the video, I noticed a comment my colleague wrote, “Millennials have a very different mindset around the work they do and the value they bring to a company when compared to other generations in the workforce.”

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Top Reasons Being an Engineer is 'Epic'

Top 5 Reasons to be an Engineer

From job security and high salary to becoming Iron Man, there has indeed never been a better time to become an engineer.

The internet is a buzz after Nicholas Selby --a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at the top tier school, Georgia Tech--welcomed the incoming class of 2,700. With a rousing monologue backed by the theme music from '2001: A Space Odyssey,' which ultimately and deservedly lead to a standing ovation, he passionately proclaims:

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Pick the best places to Travel & Network this Summer

Summer is a great time to do some traveling—and some networking

Networking doesn’t have to be hard. And during the summer, it can be a great use of time—because it can happen anywhere.

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Workplace Woes

Why workers can’t find employers and why employers can’t find the workers they want

We’ve all heard by now about the reported skills shortage that exists in the U.S., specifically among engineers, IT professionals, financial professionals, and healthcare workers—and if you haven’t, check out Randstad’s Inspiring Experts.

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Working Women Everywhere

Strong Female Leaders

You don’t have to be a full-fledged feminist to believe that women make great leaders—just like men do. But qualities are not synergistic with the sexes; leadership style is atypical and cannot solely be attributed to gender. There can be dominant, aggressive, strong female leaders just like there can be male leaders who are more emotional, sensitive, and passive.

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Office Celebrity Personas


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How to Write the Perfect Resume


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