Do students know about the career opportunities in STEM?

We all know that the workforce is experiencing difficulty finding top talent that specialize technology, engineering, science, and math. It’s no surprise that there is a huge skills gap in students pursuing these types of careers. The current need for professionals with these skill sets is an all-time high and the demand is only growing with the baby-boomer generation retiring at an exponential rate.

With this issue at hand, we look toward the young and tech savvy, Generation Z. Born after the Millennials, Generation Z is understood to be natives to the digital age, yet 70% of America’s school children are less than proficient in math and science, so how can this be? The math and science field doesn't seem to stand out as an appealing path for the younger generations. They think that a majority of STEM careers are un-cool. This certainly has something to do with younger generations not being familiar with the type of jobs that a STEM education can lead to and the additional success that comes with it.

Employers currently rely on their own trainings to fulfill technical jobs when this education could start in the classroom. The awareness of this issue has started in the workplace, but now we need students to get interested in science, technology, engineering, and math careers.

Recently we partnered with Junior Achievement to take the first step and educate students in these highly rewarding careers. It is interesting in what we found out.


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