Show me the money… and the jobs: top growth industries over the next 5 years

It’s hard to believe that the Internet has only been around and used by the public since the 1990s. Think of all of the jobs that stemmed from that one mainstreaming of technology. Now try to imagine what jobs are going to be popular, in what industries, over the next five years. The possibilities, literally, are endless.

As an all-inclusive staffing service provider, Randstad sees it all. Specializing in administrative, engineering, executive solutions, finance & accounting, healthcare, information technology, legal, life sciences / pharma, manufacturing & logistics, and sales & marketing – we get a taste of the world market from our global capabilities, service offerings, and our household of industry experts. So what do we see?

Predicting the job market and the economy is a lot like predicting the weather – as a side note, it was supposed to snow 3-6 inches and this morning I woke up to the most beautiful pink sunrise. The point being, we can only foresee so much.

With that being said, and in no particular order, below are a few of the industries we’re seeing growth in:

  1. Healthcare
    There still is a demand for Healthcare professionals, specifically for Registered Nurses, Nursing Aides, Orderlies, and Attendants, and of course, Doctors and Surgeons. With our combined operating companies – Clinical One and Locum Medical – soon to be Randstad Healthcare, we place every kind of healthcare professional, from physicians and doctors, to nurses and case managers – and the projects just keep coming. Not to mention, there is a shortage of nurses, and there has been for years, and the industry shows no signs of slowing. This study, published by the College Board, breaks down the top careers per the level of education that one has. As you’ll see, healthcare positions top a couple of College Board's lists.
  2. Technologies
    Tying back to this whole ‘Internet thing’ – the information technologies sector is also continuing to grow. Much like a hairdresser, the need for software developers, programmers and the like, is always going to be there. The Internet is never going to go out of style, and on the contrary, there’s always going to be a need for updates. Sure, companies might slow down with their IT initiatives, but that technologies craving, now that we’ve tasted it, will never be satisfied.
    As referenced by Time in their article about “The Future of Work,” The US Department of Labor shows that network systems, data communications, and computer software engineering are among the occupations expected to explode within the next 5 years: Read more about it
  3. Accounting & Finance
    Another area of activity has been in the financial services industry. From financial analysts to accountants to bookkeepers, the jobs are there and they’re still coming. Randstad Finance and Accounting alone has over 100 open positions! Click here to learn more.
    Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and financial advisors, to name a few, are not only expected to grow in demand, but also in salary. See what Money Crashers has to say about accounting and finance here.
  4. Engineering
    And what about those Engineers? Well, we still need more. With aggressive civil, project, and environmental initiatives, the jobs, and not to mention the pay, are on the rise.
    To check out a full list of occupations with the fastest growth (note: biomedical engineers tops the list), check out this chart by CareerOneStop, which is sponsored by the US Department of Labor.
  5. Human Resources
    Then there are the jobs like those we have open internally here at Randstad. Sales! Companies need aggressive, creative, and thoughtful people to help propel their businesses into the new markets of today. To search the available sales position with one of Randstad’s clients, (there are nearly 400!) browse our current jobs here.
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