Recruiting Nostalgia

Think the recruiting industry is tough in 2013 ?

… just imagine a world 20 years ago.


…without cell phones
…without computers
…without the internet
…without VMS systems


What? Huh? You mean you actually had to mail or fax a resume to a client?

You got it! There was nothing better for a hiring manager waiting by the fax machine for a long resume on “roll-up” fax paper, or….wait for it…taking several days for your letter (sent via US Mail) to get to your client location. Maybe we should have tried Pony Express? It might have been quicker!

Recruiting-Nostalgia-Coffee "Twenty years ago, the best way to put a resume in front of your client was to get 2 cups of coffee (1 for you and 1 for them)"

Twenty years ago when I started at Randstad, the best way to put a resume in front of your client was to get 2 cups of coffee (1 for you and 1 for them) gas up your car, and sit with them to discuss their open requisitions and how the applicant resumes you were holding may be a great fit for that role. Isn’t it funny how things come full circle? Because in 2013, the best way to put a resume in front of a client is…you guessed it, read the last sentence.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m old enough to know what it was like in the old days, yet I’m young enough to understand how to best utilize today’s advances in technology. Many would say that CRMs, VMS systems, LinkedIn, DiscoverORG, Careerbuilder and many other advances in technology have made finding talent easy. Yet, I would argue that technology can make it more challenging to “sift through the pile” for recruiters and sales people. It’s too easy for the “personal” touch to get lost. In sales and recruiting, there is nothing more important than building strong relationships with your candidates and client(s). Yet, technology and processes can set up roadblocks.

Which is why the “art of recruiting” and staffing company business models become so important. Recruiters and sales alike needs one group of employees focused on “landing” new clients, another group focused on “expanding” existing clients, and a group of employees focused on finding qualified talent. Understanding which internal employees have strengths in each area is critical. Being able to provide candidates with a first class experience and providing clients with a flexible delivery model is paramount to each other’s success. In addition, recruiters and sales alike need to understand the power of social recruiting, analytics, and networking to be successful.

Tell us…what was your experience recruiting like, 5, 10, 20 years ago? Do you think that the personal touch has been lost? Share your comments below!

And yes, if you are stopping by, I’ll have 2 cream and 1 sugar in my coffee, thank you.


By: Chris Mader / On: May 14, 2013 /

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