Randstad and Williams Martini Race Team: Randstad Powering Performance

What does it take to drive your business to its optimal performance? The right people? The best technology? A spirit of excellence?

We believe outstanding performance requires a special blend of each, but the formula must be rooted in the commitment of a talented team performing at its peak ability. Randstad’s partnership with Williams Martini Race Team exemplifies how two very different organizations with an unwavering focus on great people share similar track records of performance excellence.

Since 2006 Randstad has been the official partner of the Williams Martini Racing Team. As one of the world’s leading Formula One teams, Williams Martini exists solely to compete in the top echelon of motor racing, where it’s been winning grand prix competitions for more than three decades. Since the 1960s the Williams name has been synonymous with top-level motorsports, and during this same time period, the Randstad team has grown to be the second largest HR solutions organization in the world.

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Both organizations exhibit a history of innovation and success created by a remarkable workforce. Randstad and Williams share a similar commitment to developing talented teams that perform to the best of their abilities and strive for perfection.

Unlike many other Formula One racing teams, Williams performs most of its work in-house, which means having the right individuals on board is paramount and individual contributions are highly valued. From the person designing bolts or analyzing car data to the pit crew changing tires or the driver setting the fastest track lap time … everyone plays a vital role in achieving success.

Likewise, whether the Randstad team is recruiting for a local business or a Fortune 500 global corporation, we focus on making the right talent “fit” for our clients and helping to foster the Formula One “team spirit” that drives an organization’s success. We take pride in our commitment to the candidates and clients we serve, the trustworthy relationships we build, our goal to continually improve and innovate, and our efforts to make a difference to not only our stakeholder, but to society as a whole. We are experts driving business.

By: Deanna Jacobsen / On: October 13, 2014 /

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