How to Write the Perfect Resume


The Quest for the Perfect Resume

If you are on the job search, then undoubtedly you have received a daunting amount of often times conflicting criticisms of your resume. Trying to discern exactly how to write the perfect resume from all the white noise can be a trickier proposition than landing the job in the first place. So instead, put-in your overused ear-buds, block-out your Aunt Linda's reminiscing of her first job as a pottery thrower in the seventies, and consider how you can turn your resume into a riveting page-turner.

1. Build Your Story

Your resume should highlight your skills and abilities through your accomplishments. Make your perfect resume a story about your biggest successes, wins or triumphs and not the skills and abilities you used to achieve them

2. Fill Their Role

If you have a lot of experience, consider what is the most recent and what would be the most compelling to a recruiter. Make it easy for them to discover your talent through being concise. A good rule of thumb, stick to one page before your 5th year of relevant work experience. Then you may stretch to two at the max.

3. Be the Authority

Leaders are born not through following standard practice but commanding it. Are you in a fast-paced industry or role that is constant changing and adapting? Instead of building a story that you adapted to change, build a story that your understood or even championed it. How did you accomplish this? Refer to those nice skills and abilities write the perfect resume.

Now, you are ready to search the thousands of job opportunities at Randstad USA and apply to the job that you qualify for.




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