New job advice: make an immediate impact (part 1 of 5)

We’ve all been the new guy at work, at one time or another. This five-part series details the steps to take in order to hit the ground running. Whether you’re starting your first real job, or starting over in a new career, here we’ll outline some subconscious actions to take when you’re new to a workplace.

You’re reading part one of a five-part series.

You’ve got the job, now what?

So, you’ve answered the grueling interview questions, you’ve had the one-on-ones, you’ve sat briefly with company presidents – and you’ve passed all of it with flying colors, multiple times. It’s kind of starting to feel like a job – looking for one. Just as disappointment sets in and the daunting process begins to get the best of you, you’ve been extended an offer. Finally! Relief sets in. But should it?

The answer – in case you were wondering – is no. Now is when the real job starts, and somehow you’ve got to start to resemble that picture that you painted of yourself in your resume. Now, is the time to hit the ground running.

Make an immediate impact

You want people to know just how hard of a worker you are, what your contributions are going to be, and what type of specialties you’re going to bring. Make your first impression quick and easy in order to gain the respect of your peers, and in order to give the assurance to your new boss that he did in fact make the right decision in hiring you. Not only will you win the hearts and minds of those around you, but it’ll also give you the self-esteem that you need to really sink your teeth into the new job.

A 2002 article by The Telegraph indicated that the more senior the role, the more your new employer will be expecting from you. The catch to this is the more senior the position, the less mentors the role will most likely come with. So again, the sooner you prove yourself, the better. Dive in and start making the waves that you were hired to make. And, in order to do just that, the more research and back work you do on the company and the problems it faces beforehand, the quicker you’ll be able to make your first, great impression.

Get in there, and get to work!

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