National Power Generation Jobs Outlook


With the growing demand for qualified engineering talent in the Power Generation space, attracting and keeping skilled individuals is becoming more and more difficult. This is especially true with the top in-demand jobs within this vertical, including: Electrical Engineers, Nuclear Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Project Engineers.

The impact of this shortage has far-reaching negative organizational effects and successful companies understand specific market conditions, leverage contingent workforces, and have streamlined and improved their overall hiring process.

Take a look below at the current conditions for the Power Generation Industry, and learn a bit more about some trends that we are seeing in the markeplace.

Salary Ranges
The average salary for all engineers in the PowerGen space, regardless of title, is $83,800 which is well above the national average for engineers. On the low side, powergen engineers can expect to see salaries around $63,000 and around $105,000 on the high-end of salaries.



National Hiring Scale

Currently in the PowerGen industry, the majority of engineering jobs are relatively easy to fill. We see that the harder to fill jobs are mostly located on the east coast, and in the Texas and Louisiana areas. 


Top Jobs
Please see below for the nationwide job titles that are the most common available positions needing to be filled. 

Prod Salary

Top Skills and Certifications Required
When filling positions, it is important to think about what skills and certifications are required for the specific job at hand. Our research shows that the top skills that are desired for an engineer in the the power generation industry are: technical support, power system modeling, electrical systems, and CAD. 

In terms of certifications, we have found that the top certifications that are required are: PE, Accreditation Board for Engineering, and CP Compliance (NERC).


Candidate Location
As would be expected based on the job map above, the majority of candidates are located in states where there are a lot of jobs in the PowerGen space. Specifically, we see a very large supply of candidates in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York/New Jersey, Massachusetts and California. Of those states, it is most difficult to hire in Massachusetts. We also see that the states where it is more difficult to hire tend to have higher top-end salaries for engineers.

Ops Salary

Candidate Degree Breakdown

When looking at the candidates that are available for positions in the PowerGen industry, we have found that the highest percentage of professionals have a degree with a focus in either: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.


By: Scott Sneyd / On: December 05, 2014 /


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