Impact the Manufacturing Skills Gap with Onsite Talent Management

When describing the skills gap, manufacturing and logistics professionals point to a range of issues that sit as far apart as a lack of hands-on ability with industry-specific tools and technologies to very basic considerations such as adherence to safety policies, productive work ethic or even day-to-day job attendance.

An employer’s ability to influence these skills gap-related challenges is complicated when the workers in question represent a temporary workforce that may have compounded engagement or retention issues.

Skills gap in numbers
A Randstad workplace trends study found that:

  • 52% of all manufacturing employers surveyed feel their business has been negatively impacted by the skills shortage
  • 65% have a hard time finding talent that is the right fit
  • 66% say their hiring process would benefit from a skills assessment.

The numbers suggest that diminishing the skills gap from any of these perspectives will be beneficial.

Site Managers: Addressing the Skills Challenge in Person, in Real Time
Onsite talent management offers employers proven strategies for impacting a variety of skills gap-related issues specific to temporary workers. Because they assimilate as part of a client’s team at the client’s location, onsite managers serve as a real-time, personal conduit between the client and the temporary workforce to effectively oversee and motivate outsourced talent.

Randstad Inhouse Services’ onsite management solution has helped numerous employers impact some of the most pressing skills-gap issues, such as:

  • developing a reliable funnel of qualified talent
  • implementing client-specific skills assessments
  • boosting engagement and attendance
  • reducing retention

To find out more about Randstad Inhouse Services, watch the below short video that introduces some of our onsite managers and explains how effective temporary workforce management has narrowed the skills gap for many Randstad clients.

RIS clients from Randstad US on Vimeo.


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