How to spice up your summer-- Part 1

Summer how-to series: ideas and insight to keep you on track during the beautiful months of summer. Business might slow down, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Flex schedule, relaxed attire—how to stay driven during the dog days of summer
Sublime was onto something when they said it’s “summertime and the livin’s easy,” but I think they were neglecting to take into account that work’s still work, despite the season. So while the livin’ might be easy, making a livin’ is still a daily to-do during the summer months.

The benefits of summer

It’s easy to abuse a relaxed environment, when one’s offered to you. But according to the latest Randstad Engagement Study, which tracks employees’ attitudes and perceptions as it relates to employee engagement, only 14 percent of employees reported their companies offer a reduced schedule or flex hours during the summer months.

That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t other perks being offered during the dog days of summer—which officially refers to the 40 days that span between July 3rd and August 11th. According to a Brandmaker News post, 12 Summer Perks Employees Love, employers are known to offer a casual dress code, ice cream socials, and fresh veggies from an employee-maintained garden, to name a few.

But be sure not to misinterpret any of the summertime benefits being offered to you, especially when it comes to a casual dress code.

Some Do’s and Don’ts on what to wear when it comes to casual days:

  • Don’t: Wear flip-flops | Do: Wear a nice pair of sandals
  • Don’t: Wear tank tops or halter tops | Do: Wear a dressy cut-off, short-sleeve shirt
  • Don’t: Wear short skirts and otherwise revealing attire | Do: Wear maxi skirts and breezy material

How to kick it up when people are kicking back

eHow article, Positive Work Ethics, suggests that maintaining a strong work ethic this summer will not only increase your personal productivity but might just influence your office into having a more productive summer as well. According to the article, “An employee who accepts each job with tenacity and dedication forces coworkers to follow suit or risk being left behind.”

No matter the season, work ethic, which includes your attitude, communication abilities, behavior toward coworkers, honesty, and accountability, is always in style.

Tips to keep you going during the dog days of summer

Get outside. Take walks at lunch or be sure to take advantage of the longer days by doing something after work. You won’t feel like you missed all of summer by working inside and it’ll allow you to take in a little fresh air. A lunchtime stroll will also rejuvenate you for the afternoon ahead.

Get ahead. Sometimes, even if you’re motivated, the work isn’t there. Summer is vacation time for a lot of executives and otherwise decision makers. Get ahead by getting to those projects you can’t seem to get to during the year when the workflow is steadier. Summer is also a great time to clean out files, take inventory, and organize yourself for when times get busy.

Get inspired. And stay inspired. Remember that there’s always someone out there who wants your job. When you’re not doing your best, there’s a potential replacement who’s getting better. Sometimes just remembering that there’s competition always at your heels is a helpful motivator.

By: Brittney Murray / On: June 20, 2013 /

In: Leadership, Workplace, Career Success


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