How to Rekindle the Relationship with Your Employees

How to Rekindle the Relationship

with Your Employees

Feeling like the drive between the office hours has lost its spark? Refuel your employees’ career passion this Valentine’s Day with Randstad’s tips to better connect with your employees

Sometimes it’s chalked up to evolved differences, a slow growing apart, or just familiarity. The drone of an unengaged relationship with your employees can ruin your company's innovated thinking and cause your workforce to look elsewhere for something new and exciting.

So what is an organization to do when one-in-three workers in the US dislike going to work every day? Well, fret not. You don't have to be the coolest company, prettiest industry, or the remarkable new company-on-the-block to make your employees fall in love with you all over again. Just take these few steps to help strengthen your connection.

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Show Your Employees You Care

Forty percent of U.S. workers surveyed said training and development is the most important skill for growing a career. Show that you are a strong partner in touch with their needs. Help them learn through scheduling professional seminars or take them out with your management to local industry events. This will spur them to have exciting, fresh ideas and empower them with new skill sets which they can bring back to the relationship.

Reinforce Your Strong Bonds

Forming a strong relationship between staff and their managers can greatly impact their workplace happiness. In fact, 82 percent of employees say building that connection can change their view of the workplace. Show your confidence in your employees by inviting them to sit in on high-level strategy meetings and offering them new or challenging projects. If they are successful and put in extra effort, make sure to recognize and reward them.

Be Ready to Mingle

shutterstock_170968460Help bolster strong friendship in your office. According to Randstad's Enagement survey, 84 percent of workers said their relationship with their coworkers makes a strong impact on their happiness in the workplace. Schedule monthly lunch outings or happy hours. Organize events that let people from other teams work creatively together. Friends at the workplace help employees deal with stress and have emotional support.

Make them believe in you again

Nearly 45 percent of employees say that morale at their current company is low. Even if it has been a tough year, always strive to be positive and address situations with solutions. Negativity can cripple an office culture by provoking fear and uneasiness amongst employees. Help put them at ease by taking responsibility for improving the status quo, whether it is a tough quarter or internal disagreements about benefits changes.

By: Scott Allen Graham / On: February 14, 2014 /


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