How to Manage Tech-Savvy Millennials

The Millennial generation is taking the workforce by storm.

Born between 1982 and 1993, there are more than 80 million millennials -- making them the largest generation. By the year 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the global workforce, and they are sure to bring with them substantial changes.

So how do employers effectively manage this new crop of women workers who are tech-savvy, confident and expressive?

They Grew Up with Tech and Know How to Use It
Millennials grew up learning about emerging technologies. They know the ins and outs of the latest social media platforms and naturally adapt to new trends.

Not only are they used to changing technologies, but they are always plugged-in. As a result, half of Millennials love technology so much they would rather give up their sense of smell than a critical device. They are constantly in-the-know when it comes to social media and many Millennials spend their downtime scrolling through Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t Miss Out on a Key Demographic
Millennials want a workplace that’s tech-savvy and they are glad to teach their managers about the latest innovations. In fact, 76 percent of Millennials think their bosses could learn a lot from them when it comes to technology, according to an MTV survey.

Millennials are quickly becoming the largest part of the workforce, so it’s important to meet their needs and tailor your workplace for their arrival. Failing to do so can result in missing out on hiring opportunities with this key demographic.

There is a stigma that Millennials waste hours of work time browsing social media and sending instant messages. Although this scenario can happen with some employees, the more important point is to understand the tools they are using.

“If you want to communicate with Millennials, then you have to adopt the tech tools they are currently using. You need to understand instant messaging, Skype, Google Hangouts and social networks if you want to hire and manage this important demographic,” Dan Schawbel, a founding partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm, recently said in an interview with the Society of Human Resources Management.

Tips on Managing Millennials

Here are some effective ways to manage Millennials:

  • Listen to their ideas on the best ways to implement technology.
  • Ask for their input on projects.
  • Let them show you how to transform the workplace through efficiency, collaboration and innovation.

Understanding and recognizing the value Millennials bring to the job will result in happier employees and a better workplace overall.

What are some ways you’ve incorporated new technology into your workplace?

By: Heather Huhman / On: September 19, 2013 /

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