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How to Rekindle the Relationship with Your Employees

How to Rekindle the Relationship

with Your Employees

Feeling like the drive between the office hours has lost its spark? Refuel your employees’ career passion this Valentine’s Day with Randstad’s tips to better connect with your employees

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Top Reasons Being an Engineer is 'Epic'

Top 5 Reasons to be an Engineer

From job security and high salary to becoming Iron Man, there has indeed never been a better time to become an engineer.

The internet is a buzz after Nicholas Selby --a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at the top tier school, Georgia Tech--welcomed the incoming class of 2,700. With a rousing monologue backed by the theme music from '2001: A Space Odyssey,' which ultimately and deservedly lead to a standing ovation, he passionately proclaims:

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Productivity Improvement with Social Media

Social Media for Productivity Improvement

Throughout my career, I have worked at several professional services organizations—from a couple of large consulting firms to a boutique private equity firm to now working here at Randstad USA. But regardless of the size of the organization, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive is around the value of social media and specifically how employees in a business-to-business organization can utilize these tools better at all levels for productivity improvement and team collaboration.

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How to Write the Perfect Resume


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Recruiters' Favorite Interview Questions

Recruiters Favorite Interview Questions

Recruiters all have their favorite interview questions ranging from the technical to fantastical. As a marketer, mine are inclined towards the latter. One of the most interesting parts of recruiting is learning each others' methods and at times quirks. This brought us to this survey to enlighten our audience and spur conversation over our favorite interview questions as recruiters.

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Jobs Report April 2013: Hiring Picks Up

US Economy Adds 165,000 Jobs in April

Strong Jobs Growth in April as well as upward revisions of February and March data sends markets surging to new heights.

The US Department of Labor announced today that the US Economy added 165,000 jobs in April, 25,000 more than economists had expected. But the big news came on the announcement of that the department had revised the previous two months upward by 114,000. This common practice of revision allows the department more time to evaluate job growth over the previous month. Their report turned an already strong February into an jobs-jackpot of sorts, totaling an astounding 332,000 jobs.

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